Some people think that the only way to find that specific breed is to buy the pet from a breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled to capacity with dogs and cats who must find homes, or they will be killed (euthanized). So rather than buying a pet for sale from a breeder, we encourage people to adopt it at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group. We always have adoptable pets in our grooming salon, yound and older, and  we’re always happy to give you guidence and good advice on how to choose the right pet for your personal situation!
Not guilty, your Honor!
Think about how a new dog or cat is going to change your life. Both are going to take up your time and energy with feeding, grooming, exercise, and play. Especially dogs are social animals and need quality time with their owners - you! So, it is important that you and your pet are a good match. There are many types of dogs to choose from, not just various breeds, but mixed-breeds as well.  You should not make your decision based on a cute face or a wagging tail. What if you choose a dog that is too young or too old for your household? Do you have little children, or are you an elderly person? Do you live in a condo or apparment, or do you live in a house with 3 acres of land around it? These are all basic questions you need to ask yourself before adopting a pet. Then these criteria also come into play: What breeds are prone to certain health problems, what are the grooming requirements for what breed, etc. Talk to a pet professional like Christina Crawfis, who has rescued and adopted many dogs and other animals during her long career as animal behaviorist, pet hospical administrator and master groomer.   What are some of the benefits of adopting a pet vs. buying it at the mall? While many of the rescued pets may come from negletive or even abusive situations, they’re usually already housetrained. Best of all, our rescued pets will have their shots and being taken to the vet. That means less stress and more savings for you! So what are you waiting for? Go, get yourself that perfect pet! We’ll be glad to help you with advice and direction.
Anni is the daughter of Christina Crawfis and a master groomer in her own rights
Which Pet is right for you?
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Adoptable Pet of the Month:
“Charm” has been rescued from a Puppy Mill and weighs about 20 lbs. She is a very loving doggie and an avid kisser! 
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Millions of dogs and cats are destroyed (killed) annually in shelters across the country, not because they’re ill, but because there are no homes for them. Please consider adopting from a shelter and thus saving a life!
There is an increasing trend to adopt a pet, rather than buy it from a shop in the mall, or from a breeder, of which some a pure “Puppy Mills”, run by people with little knowledge of health related issues and with only $$$$$ on their minds.
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