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Christina Crawfis Master Groomer and  Animal Behaviorist Christina Crawfis
A member of Angie’s List wrote to them: “You will never find better “dog people” anywhere than at All Dogs Hair Haven!  [Pat S.] Thank you for all you do for our “baby” and all pet. We appreciate you! [Marie & George L.] The best grroming salon we have used in 41 years of dog ownership. The salon is busy and clean and our dog loves going there. We are always satisfied with the service. [Michael G.] For more than 5 years now I have been taking both of my Poms to All Dogs Hair Haven. With each and every visit we have been completely satisfied with both the cut's as well as the customer service from the entire staff. [see Merchant Circle] The folks at All Dogs Hair Haven treat their clients, my darling doggies, with unbelievable LOVE. I love them! [Ann-Marie R.] These people are wonderful! They are always very accommaditing! [James B.] To Christina (Babette’s Godmother): Thank you for all you do for our “baby” and all pets. We appreciate you - and Babette too. [Marie & George L.]
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Princess Minnie
Princess Minnie
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There is nothing quite as pleasant as a well groomed, sweet smelling pet. However, achieving that goal can be daunting in the sea of available groomers. After all, good grooming is much more than JUST about beauty!
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All Dogs Hair Haven provides the highest quality grooming  available. All Pets are hand scissored and groomed restraint  free. Most groomers use snap-on combs on their clippers to  finish your pet’s style, which leaves an inferior look. We only  hand scissor in order to provide this service. As it is  completely done by hand, it does take extra time, but it is the  only way we groom. All pets are also fluff dried, something  many groomers do not do, as it require special skills  andadditional grooming time.